Wednesday, 25 March 2015

My camp nature walk

I walk through bristly bushes and past trees that were leaking with sap, slithering down like honey. I can hear the frolicking sound of birds singing their sweet tune. I can feel the wind gracefully dancing around me, the birds dancing to the wind that whistles through hollowed trees. As I started walking up the mountain, the wind gushes at me pushing me back as I slowly stumble up the mountain  

After a while I made it up really high. I looked down to see the birds were flying and I could see the beach waves crashing against the rocks, echoing up the mountain like thunder. It was a high flying, death defying height, but then I started walking even higher up the mountain. As we got higher, there was a little seat, where we sat and looked out over yonder. It was a beautiful view. We could see a white and sea blue cruise ship, gliding  across the water silently.

Now we had to head back down. It was a really steep slope so that was pretty fun to go down. We got told we couldn't run down but you just couldn't not run, even it you tried really hard, you would end up storming down the hill like a rocket.

After a while we headed back down and we started heading in to the gloominess of the trees. It was pretty cold because the trees were hogging the light. We eventually made it back to camp where I slumped back in to my cabin room, exhausted. I was hoping that we had some spare time because I would use all the spare time on sleeping. I jump in to bed  and cuddle into my sleeping back and closed my eyes.

But then I heard something.  We had to go back outside for the next activity. I slowly slumped out of bed,  I packed my day pack and headed out the door.


  1. I relly like that you didn't go on at the end when you said I packed my day pack and headed out the door.

  2. There are lots of vivid verbs in your story. You have done a fabulous job of helping me imagine where you are. I loved reading this.

  3. I love the way you describe the noise of the waves 'echoing up the mountains like thunder'. It really helped me to imagine what it was like being there. Well done.