Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Maori ritual

This term I've been learning about Maori ritual, for example a poroporoaki. We participated in a powhiri and poroporoaki at Willowbank. It started with a karanga,  a call from a respected female. Next we slowly walked in the the meeting house and we first saw a Maori warrior making sure that we came in peace by showing strength. When it was finished we sat down after that welcome songs were being sung then we gave a weaved basket with flax flowers that we gifted. We lent poi and rakau  then we performed.

I think my learning this term is relational because I understand and enjoy participating in Maori rituals. I liked  experiencing a Maori ritual because this helped me learn more and understand more. At the start of the term I didn't understand much about rituals, but now I can understand lots about them.

Here  is an audio link to our performance and explanations of our learning:

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