Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Science report water way Health

A good scientist would get evidence and help explain things. This term we have been learning lots  about waterway health. We learnt about the insects that  are good for river health like macro-invertebrates. We tested lots of different water sources. We looked at the Styx Mill river. We found lots of different creatures the most common things we found were water boatmen and backswimmers. A cool fact I learnt was that backswimmers and water boatmen have six legs but you would see four legs because they tuck two legs against their sides. 

After a long time of observing and catching we found that the river   was in good health. In class we found out there were lots of people who had waterways by their house so we got them to get samples of water to test. 

My  inquiry project was to make a pamphlet, to try and help people to know more about water ways, to try and stop people using the drains for a bin.  Also we made connections with an ecosystem, shown below. 

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  1. Great job caitlyn I love how you used some great words like observing and catching. I think you did a good job of putting a picture at the bottom so we could see how you connected your ideas.😜