Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Paws + jaws

Paws + jaws

Has there been a time in your life that you're stuck in a problem that was so fighting and so unexpected? Like falling off your bike or getting pushed down a hydroslide? Or maybe the time you broke your friend's toy? Accidentally of course.

I was just at my friend Maya's, sitting in her treehouse where this treacherous  memory took place.  She had a new spotted dalmatian. It was so cute but, don't be fooled.  I walked down from the splintery  treehouse, but secretely the dog was stalking me.  Suddenly  the unforseen happened the dog pounced like a panther ready for the kill. It clutched my hair in it's drooling wet mouth.  It pulled me around like a rag doll, vigorously and continually.  I felt like a dog toy. My mind was swimming, fishing for ideas.   

Suddenly out of the blue it let go and panted for a split second. I started to run but it came back after me like a raging bull.  It took one final pounce and got its prey I felt like this was the end. My mind was like electrifying static.  I clutched my hands tight. All I could hear was Maya screaming and screeching but her voice was becoming very faint in my mind.  All I could do was, shriek yell and scream. Suddenly it stopped running around. I felt like this was my escape, I tried to pick myself up.  CLAMP it clutched its  jaws tighter. It started to run around vigorously.  

There was no clear  hint of hope, all I could smell was disaster.  My heart was thumping so loud that I could hear it in my head like a record. As the dog started trudging around  there were  3 words spinning in my head; fear panic and disaster . Then the dog skipped over some roots leading past the tree  where its first ponce took place.  Suddenly something great happened, well great from my perspective. My shoe stumbled  off  on a root the dog went galloping to my shoe,  and grabbed it in his mouth. I stepped  up my heart thumping and ran while the going was good. I scaled the fence and sat down. I still have the vivid image in my head of what happened that treacherous  day.

The lesson I learnt was to never, I mean never underestimate the power of a dog. Because you don't know what they're capable of.

By Caitlyn. 

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