Tuesday, 27 October 2015


Ok I will start the story here. I was at school making a video with my friends. Sounds fun right? Then I went thru the quiet space to go to the  other class. I heard people saying ‘free hot chocolate. That brought a ring to my ear, I thought why not  I went over and said yes please then I waited then I got handed over a hot  chocolate cup. It was cold I poured it on my hand not  suspecting anything one bit. It looked like water. I found out I was pranked but still I was thirsty so I drunk the water.  Bad things began. It was an unspeakable taste I was paralyzed with the revolting taste. I shouted “ it's vinegar.” Everyone burst into laughter. I was shaking embarrassed and shocked. I ran out the door to my bag and looked for my water bottle. I grabbed out of my bag and drunk all of it . The taste slowly vanished. I walked back into the room and ran back out. The taste was coming back. I rushed to fill my bottle because it was empty. I felt like I had drunk too much water, but still it was drink the  water or taste the vinegar.  I knew the choice I had to make. The revolting taste once again vanished.     

That was one prank story, here's the second.  I was just walking outside when eww, gross, splatter! I thought I had been sneezed on. I ran to wash my face. When I went back outside my friend said that it was just water out of a spray bottle. I gasped with relief. But once again I was pranked and yet I wouldn't think of myself as a gullible person.

Here's one more story but  time it is of another victim of the pranks. Ok, I was just putting the dress-ups away with Amy. She went to open a door and she reached out to the door handle and said “Eww, it's sticky honey,”  and she ran to the bathroom to wash her hands. The boys in the room laughed. And that was the story of the pranks.

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