Tuesday, 27 October 2015

The arts in town

This term we have been learning about the arts and its  connections. We learnt about manaakitia whanaungatanga and kotahitanga.We had to put examples of these, and include a dance,  in our plays. It was hard to do but in the end we did it.  

Two weeks went real fast then it was the big day - we were going to perform in town. When we got there we ate some food then set up for our play. We were  performing  it at the commons.

Finally the play started. It was lots of fun and good because we used volume and eye contact. After the play we went around looking at artwork and other things being performed. That's when we all  got ready for our FLASH MOB and that was super fun. Everyone had a great time people doing the flash mob used enthusiasm which was really good. After that we walked around I noticed that the older kids we letting younger children go in front so they could see better. That shows whanaungatanga ️because they were showing kindness.

My favorite things as the flash mob  because it included everyone even people who didn't know what was going on danced a little bit  which  was cool.

After that we went off to lunch my friends and i had a picnic. Then we looked around but all I could think about was doing our play again. I walked around and  listened to music  then I rushed  to sing in the choir. We sung 3 songs They were Slice of Heaven / California Dreaming /and Brave. I had lots of fun singing. After  singing  I got ready to do the play. When the play had started people came to watch. After our play had finished  we had a big dance. My drama group and I had lots of fun I think every one else did to.


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