Thursday, 14 April 2016

Term 1 arts learning

This term I have been the learning about the different elements of music and how each element has a place in music. So in class I created a piece of music which had a beat and a rhythm,  and other elements to make piece of music. But what we were learning about wasn't just to make a piece of music. It was to express a poem from what we had written this year. It shows that music isn't just a sound, it's a way to express something. Whether that be a story, an experience or really anything. Music has lots of emotions to express with different beats, sounds, tones and rhythm.

In the botanical gardens,

The weeping

Willows sway.

And The birds sing,


Enchanting tune.

The voice of


Wind echos.

The beach,

The smell

Of salty

Water, slowly fills

the ocean air.

New Zealand Is my. Country

Christchurch is my home.

By Caitlyn

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  1. Caitlyn nice job at explaining the place I really felt like I was there. I like how you explained how the wind echoes. I also like how you explained how the birds sing their enchanted tune.