Sunday, 3 July 2016

Mountain biking

Mountain biking

I walked down the crackly stone path. The bikes were slowly rolled out of the oily shed.
My hands gripped the handles, as I slowly pulled the bike off the scattered stones to the grass. 
I hopped on the bike and I slowly pedalled to the track. My hands grasped the handles tight then I started to bike down the path. The soil was wet, cold and slippery. Suddenly the bike slid down the track so fast I couldn't control the bike.Bam crash! The next thing I knew I was hit by a tree.  My hands tingled in pain. My legs shaking, I slowly clambered back onto the bike and started heading to the end of the path. 
There was a cross road, the instructor pointed where to go then back down the track I went. The ground of this track was covered in sharp, dainty pine needles. Water from the sky clung to my face. The bike wheels turned and the track slowly grew wider, showing that I wasn't far from the end of this piny track. The next track was twisty-turny, the sky above now covered by tall, green, towering trees. Suddenly I felt my heart drop. My heart thumping, hands shaking I lost control of the handlebars again, thud!i was on the slimy wet dirt and gravel. My hands were stinging my knees aching,. I slowly riveted round I had just gone down a high flying deathifying gigantic slope. Almost a straight as a wall I slowly clambered back on the bike and headed down to the end of the steep fright full path. By the time I got back to camp I was exhausted I mean exhausted I hopped into bed to lie down then someone came into the cabin and said it's time for the next activity.


This term I have been working on camp writing. To use the senses to create an image in reader's mind. And to hook the reader so the reader wants to read more. My challenges were punctuation and getting in the habit, of doing full stops comers capitals. As I go instead of doing it later. That helped a lot with getting my writing done faster. 

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