Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Technology is taking over!

This term our class have been writing speeches. The speech had to be a claim about something. Making a speech out of a claim was a challenge, as I could not decide what subject I was going to write my speech on. After a while I chose to do a claim about technology. The claim was technology is taking over. I think I went really well - after I came up with a topic I was on a roll. I came up with lots of examples. Then I selected the best ones to put in my speech. I think my speech is relational because I have lots of examples to connect to my claim and I use many language devices.

You can listen to my speech here, or read it yourself below.

Have you ever been so obsessed with something that you just hardly ever stop using it? Whether it be a toy, piece of clothing or something else. The huge obsession that I'm going to talk about is technology. Technology is taking over. People are getting more and more obsessed with technology as it progresses. I bet you could walk down the street and at least see one or more people on a device.

 I'm not saying it's bad, just that it's hard to talk to someone if there staring into a phone going ‘yeah mmm aha aha’, and probably there not even listing to a word you're saying. This is the problem with technology. It is so addictive.

You can't help but stare into the screen. You start playing a game and you know you have some homework but you continue you just can't rest till you reach that level. I know the feeling. I once started playing a game and just couldn't put down the controller till I was on the top level.

Technology is putting up a wall between us and making us rather stare into a screen and send a text message then talk to someone in person. Imagine this. They send ‘hi! cheeky face emoji’ and there just next door. This is what I'm talking about. Technology is taking over. It's just making us just plain lazy. I know it's sometimes good to send an email or text, but when they're just next door? Hmm.

I mean technology is great, how it's good for lots of things. It's amazing how it's improved and how so many things can be accomplished by it. The message I want to get past is to not lose sight in what's important and remember, technology isn't everything.

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